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SEDA – Urban Design Studio – Stage-2 – City Study…

Post Series: SEDA-Urban Design Studio-2016

Stage-2 (1 week)

(Understanding the city-Vadodara)
The intention of this exercise was to briefly study various aspects of Vadodara city. The study was divided under following heads
·         History & various stages of growth (stage-wise growth of city, morphology, key urban open spaces)
·         Topography & Climate (Contour map with ridges & valleys, location of rivers and lakes, climatic analysis, flora & fauna)
·         Trade and commerce (mapping of industries, retail & wholesale markets, malls, in the map of city)
·         Key Institutions (mapping political, administrative, educational, and cultural institutions in the map of city)
·         People(demographics, distribution of population, festivals, etc)
·         Projected growth (land-use map of the city, key urban projects, etc)

·         Services & Transportation (road network, transportation network, and key urban infra-structure)

History & Stages of growth


History & Stages of growth


Trade & Commerce


Key institutions




Road network


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