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Architecture Firm Name: 0studio

Website: 0studio.net

Firm Location: Guadalajara, Mexico

Founding Year: 2011

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Juan Antonio Corcuera

Grad studies: Architecture at ITESM 2007, campus Guadalajara.
Post-grad studies: Master in Architedctural Design at The Bartlett UCL in London, UK 2011.

Miguel Angel Delgado 

Grad studies: Architecture at ITESM 2007, campus Guadalajara. Post-Grad studies: Master in construction management at Universidad Panamericana 2011.

Practice Ideology

We are a Mexican architecture firm based in Guadalajara, Mexico. As an experimental firm that explores conventional forms and rustic materials we like to create spaces that seek order and aesthetical atmospheres for the user. Our main agenda is to merge the building and the user into one living thing. Studying the client needs we perform designs that bring out the potential in materials such as bricks, concrete, wood, steel and glass. We encourage our clients to respect the erosion, and life that a material lives on it´s own.


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