20.11 Paradigm Shifts : Bauhaus


07 – 28 December, 2020

Online Workshop | Sneha Singh

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM & 2:30 - 4:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30)

Registration ends: 06 December, 2020

For Indian Nationals : Rs 10,000/- For Others: $195/-

All Registered students can avail Special Discounts by emailing workshops@archidiaries.com

Batch Size : 20

The Workshop will have a new take on traditional studio teaching in the era of online teaching. Taking forward from the original Bauhaus foundation courses, this workshop will act both as an initiator of foundational coursework for students as wella crash course on bauhaus ideology, its pioneers and its pedagogy. This workshop has two levels; basic and advanced, the latter being the extension of theories briefly covered in the former module. Each level is 2 weeks long and the expected outcome is to inhibit the ideologies and lessons which Bauhaus foundation studios meant to impart in its students.

Brief outline of the Workshop



07 Dec: 

Lecture about History of Bauhaus;
Weimar and Dessau Brief Disccusion of the structure of the workshop Exercise- experiment with color white


08 Dec:

Lecture- Walter Gropius
Joseph Albers Exercise- studio work
Paper Individual Discussions


09 Dec:

Lecture- Paul Klee, Vassily Kandinsky
Exercise- Studio work | Paper, Color, Geometry
Individual Discussions


10 Dec:

Lecture- Kurt Schwitters
Exercise- Studio work | Paper, Color,Geometry and layers
Individual Discussions


11 Dec:

Conclusive lecture- student work from Bauhaus Dessau
Exercise- group work (Exquisite Corpse) with collective discussions




14 Dec:

Lecture- Annie Albers
Exercise- studio work | materials: paper,cloth/any
Individual Discussions


15 Dec: 

Lecture- Johannes Ittens
Exercise- studio work | materials: Glass, ceramik/any
Individual Discussions


16 Dec: 

Lecture – László Moholy-Nagy
Exercise- studio work| materials: Any
Individual Discussions

17 Dec: 

Conclusive lecture- student work from Bauhaus dessau
Collective group exercise with discussion


18 Dec:

Lecture- For Bauhaus|OR Bauhaus- Works of Joseph Beuys and Marcel Breuer explained as the marvels of material exploration Day 10
Exercise- Write up, drawings or any form of expression on any material
Individual/ Collective discussions




21 Dec:

Lecture- Oskar Schlemmer
Exercise- Canvas, material and expression
Collective Discussion


22 Dec:

Lecture- Rudolf Von Laban
Exercise- Space and Bauhaustänze
Individual Discussions


23 Dec:

Lecture- Performance and expressions at Bauhaus Dessau


24 Dec:

Lecture – Space, movement and how Masters of Bauhaus took it forward ( Masdaznan etc.)
Exercise – on Eisentein’s, Fritz Lang’s Movies for Example- Ivan The Terrible, The Battleship Potemkin and Metropolis ( workshop participants will be asked to watch the movie beforehand- it will be announced on Day 10)
Discussion and presentation


28 Dec:

Conclusive lecture- Additional: Other Architects and artists of Bauhaus/ Famous works etc.
Collective Group work by Participants- presentation and discussion


Sneha Singh

Sneha Singh is an architect/ landscape architect who has also been an alumni of COOP design research, Hochschule Anhalt/Bauhaus, Dessau foundation. Currently she is pursuing her PhD research at Bauhaus University, Weimar Germany.

Session timings (IST - GMT+5:30)

11:30 AM - 1:30 PM & 2:30 - 4:30 PM IST (GMT +5:30)



Pre Requisites

Equipped with basic materials and tools

Key Dates

Workshop Dates: 07 – 28 December, 2020

Last Date to Register is 06 December, 2020

Registration Fees

For Indian Nationals : Rs 10,000/-
For Others: $195/-

All Registered students can avail Special Discounts by emailing workshops@archidiaries.com

For any queries, questions or suggestions, please contact us at workshops@archidiaries.com or +91 9879001860 (whatsapp only)

Note: The workshop has limited seats, based on first come first serve basis.


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