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Architecture Firm Name: 3LHD

Website: http://www.3lhd.com/en

Firm Location: Zagreb

Founding Year: 1994

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Saša Begović

Saša graduated from the Architecture Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He is one of the four founding partners of 3LHD. During his career, Saša has led many projects in various typologies — public, cultural, residential, leisure, sports, and mixed-use. He has presented 3LHD’s work at universities, exhibitions, and institutions worldwide.




Marko Dabrović

Marko graduated from the Architecture Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia. He is one of the four founding partners of 3LHD architects. He is most interested in implementing new technologies and materials in architecture, constantly exploring new possibilities for experimentation.




Tatjana Grozdanić Begović

Tanja graduated from the Architecture Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia. She is one of the four founding partners of 3LHD. From 1994 to 2004, except being the partner in charge and project architect, she was also the company’s general manager. She participated in all 3lhd projects, from first designs to detailed drawings and realizations, emphasizing interior design.





Silvije Novak

Silvije graduated from the Architecture Faculty, University of Zagreb, Croatia, and is one of 4 founding partners of 3LHD. He is involved in all stages of 3LHD’s work, from first creative meetings to construction and site supervision. In complex and demanding projects that focus on the coordination of all participants and collaborators, Silvio’s knowledge and experience are an irreplaceable addition to the architectural team.



Paula Kukuljica

Paula joined 3LHD in 2003 and worked on projects of different scales, from family houses and office buildings to international competition projects. She was appointed partner in 3LHD in 2016. Paula’s professional approach to each task, many years of experience, commitment, and teamwork raise the company’s operations to a new professional level.




Practice Ideology

3LHD is an architectural practise focused on integrating architecture, urban planning, design, and art. The Studio was founded in Zagreb in 1994 by four partners: Saša Begović, Marko Dabrović, Tatjana Grozdanić Begović and Silvije Novak. In 2016 they appointed a new partner, Paula Kukuljica.

3LHD architects constantly explore new interaction possibilities between architecture, society and individuals and their mutual integration. Through the contemporary architectural approach, the team of architects deals with all the projects in cooperation with many experts from various disciplines. 

Projects, such as Memorial Bridge in Rijeka, Croatian Pavilion at EXPO 2005 in Japan and EXPO 2008 in Spain, Riva Waterfront in Split, Sports Hall Bale in Istria, Zamet Centre in Rijeka, Dance Centre in Zagreb, Hotel Lone in Rovinj, Freshwater Aquarium in Karlovac, LN Garden Hotel in China, Grand Park Hotel Rovinj and Campus Infobip are some of the critical projects that have established 3LHD not only in the professional circles but also in the broader public circles.

3LHD architects represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale 2010, the 12th International Architecture Exhibition, with a group of authors. They also took part in the 2008 ‘Mare Nostrum’ exhibition at the second International Architecture Biennale in Rotterdam and a group exhibition in Boston at Harvard University: “New Trajectories: Contemporary Architecture in Croatia ” Slovenia “.

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