About Us

ArchiDiaries is a digital publication platform and the blueprint for sharing design processes, pedagogical methods, ideas and objects in the context of architecture and design.


In 2014, ArchiDiaries started as a blog to share design processes of a few joint academic studios conducted by the authors at CEPT University, Ahmedabad. From a place for pedagogical rumblings, ArchiDiaries has evolved into a digital publication platform with intentions to generate discussion, propose alternatives and debates in the field of architecture and design pedagogy. In nutshell, ArchiDiaries is the search for a shared ground between theory and praxis.

We are proudly driven to make conversations about built habitat accessible.

Our Job

Our job is to curate the best academic projects, academic studios, professional projects, cutting edge products and deliver it through our website to millions of architects and students. We also aim to launch discussions on contemporary architectural practices and academia, by providing a platform to publish articles, interviews of people with unique ideas and their works.


Mohammed Ayazkhan

Content Writer & Editor

Patel Sameer

Communications & Business

Agarwal Aashna

Research Associate