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Architecture Firm Name: Abramson Architects

Website: www.abramsonarchitects.com/

Firm Location: Los Angeles, USA

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Trevor Abramson, FAIA

With over two decades of commitment to his craft, Trevor Abramson strives to promote the art of architecture by evoking a deeply felt emotional and spiritual response from clients, critics and the public. His creative architecture stands proudly across North America, promoting soulful complexity in the communities they inhabit by striking a balance between known and new. His multi-faceted practice, initially focusing on single-family residences, now encompasses ecclesiastical commissions, educational facilities and varied commercial buildings. Abramson’s body of work certainly transcends the ordinary, carefully juxtaposing material and light to modulate surface and form. Pragmatic and purposeful in his design decisions, Abramson employs subtle and stripped down shapes to allow simplicity of mass and material to govern.

David Pascu, AIA, LEED AP

David is a registered architect in New York and California. His breadth of professional experience spans over 24 years. He joined Abramson Architects in 2004 and has led the firm’s design teams on many institutional and residential projects. He is currently charged with leading the residential studio. David prides himself on his ability to listen to his clients and design to their specific needs, as well as their desires. He creates spaces that are open and light with a focus on natural materials. Rigorous architectural detailing inspired by historical references can be found throughout his work. He has the expertise to lead his clients from project start to finish and he is also a mentor to younger architects on staff.

Björn Schrader, Dipl-Ing, LEED AP

Over the past two decades, Björn has honed his modernist approach to architecture while practicing in Germany and the US. He is a compulsive problem solver who prefers to be challenged, striving to find the solution to seemingly unsolvable questions. He originally began working with Abramson Teiger Architects as a consultant in 2005, when he came to the US during his exploration of feasibility for an international architectural platform. He soon realized his architectural dogma was highly aligned with that of the firm and he decided to join the team permanently. Björn manages the commercial project team that handles commercial ground-up buildings, tenant improvements, and medical offices. Some of his recent notable work includes Culver City’s 220,000 square foot PLATFORM mixed-used design district, multiple patient-centered clinics for Cedars-Sinai Health System’s community expansion, and over a quarter million square feet of tenant improvement projects for a single (confidential) cutting-edge technology company.

Marco Marraccini, AIA

Marco is a licensed Architect in the State of California and has previously practiced in Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. At Abramson Architects, he leads various project teams on ecclesiastical commissions, schools, movie theaters, urban retail centers, and creative workspaces. A few recent projects of note include the modernization and expansion of Valley Beth Shalom’s mission-driven campus, the dynamic “Brick & Machine” office and retail complex which bridges the historic Culver City charm with the city’s new contemporary commercial properties, and the conversion of underutilized industrial buildings in Downtown Los Angeles into an upcycled mixed-use environment.

Practice Ideology

What began as a small boutique operation has organically evolved into a robust firm of diverse professionals with an expansive range of expertise. Every member of our team is a true artisan. Our collective creative perspective includes global studies of cultural, artistic, and architectural treasures. With continued growth, our practice remains personal and purposeful we always bring a rare human touch to an increasingly corporate landscape.

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