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SAVE Adventurous Global School | Orient Occident Atelier

Project Name: Adventurous Global School

Practice: Orient Occident Atelier | OOA

Firm Location: Hong Kong

Completion year: 2007

Gross Built up Area: 200 Sqm

Project Location: Battambang, Cambodia

Lead Architects: Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong

Design Team: Christie Yeung, Jasmine Chan

Photo Credits: Magic Kwan, Kenrick Wong

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architects)

The Adventurous Global School project was designed to investigate the following notions:

Transforming the construction site itself into a learning kit.The school building is not only a traditional lecture space but a proactive space for learning design, construction and spatial creativity. During construction, students will take part in some manageable design. Local kids explore the new uses of space by action. They climb the “Griddy” construction as though it’s a jungle gym.

Versatile Architectural Building Envelope

There are spatial flexibilities to the end-users‚ the “Griddy” detail ironmongeries allow the re-configuration of the openings, shelves and lockers. The wall is a double layer steel frame with local wood plates allowing storage and even vertical circulation. The ground classrooms are seamlessly connected with adjacent houses and fields, thereby catering to different events, learning activities and class sizes. The relation between interior and exterior can thus be customized by the users in the future. It’s a welcoming space in which other villagers and students can always see what’s going on and join the classes.


Vernacular methodologies and material

Bricks, GMS and wood were discovered from that region which is common building materials. Levitated concrete structure mitigates flooding problem, meanwhile, gives a traditional Cambodian ground floor open space. Also, we make use of the local construction methodology – cost-saving and also empowers people with local skills.

Bottom-up Influence on Urban Context

The school development triggers various improvements for the rural village. After the school was set up, more power supply, tuck shops, water filtration system were set up around. The building is not just classrooms but a social condenser where provide education, sanitation, retails, infrastructure and a gathering space for the daily life of locals.

The building is not merely a cluster of classrooms but a social hub where the provision of education, sanitation, retail, community infrastructure and gathering space could be possible.

In a village ravaged by Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge Regime, the practice hopes that the Adventurous Global School is the start of wider regeneration. It is also working on schemes to improve access to clean water.



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