Agora Space | Pablo Moreno Mansilla – Julián Zapata Jiménez

SAVE Agora Space | Pablo Moreno Mansilla – Julián Zapata Jiménez

Project Name: Agora Space

Practice: Pablo Moreno Mansilla – Julián Zapata Jiménez

Products: AutoDesk, Tarkett, Argapref, Carpinsa, EMILIO SANCHEZ, iGuzzini, Lucerglass, MORTEX, Yofra

Firm Location: Madrid, Spain

Completion year: 2019

Project Location: Valladolid, Spain

Lead Architects: Pablo Moreno Mansilla - Julián Zapata Jiménez

Design Team: Pablo Moreno Mansilla - Julián Zapata Jiménez

Clients: Fundación Educación Marianista Domingo Lázaro

Engineering: PLENUM Ingenieros

Structural Consultants: Jose Ignacio Viñals. ISTEN

Contractors: Construcciones y Obras CASPEÑA S.L.

Interior + Furniture: Pablo Moreno Mansilla - Julián Zapata Jiménez

Collaborators: Iskra Sergeeva Martsenkova Elena López Oterino Manuel Sánchez Hernández Adriana Culla Leal

Photo Credits: Alvaro Viera Architectural Photography

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Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)\

We have faced this project understanding it as a metaphor for the difficulties we encountered during our career, while searching for knowledge. It is the result of a plastic, almost sculptural exercise where a new accessible ramp grows with a constant slope. The ramp generates a series of terraces along its ascent, creating new spaces. To create spaces in order to grow.

An easy access surrounded by terraces for interaction turns the old basement into an Acess Floor. A space excavated up to that level transforms a disused garden into the new school’s vital center. An access, passage, meeting, work, play, interaction, study or meditation space. The courtyard coverage organizes the space and irradiates light to all perimeter areas and uses that surround it.

A mathematically structured wooden frame sifts the light, converting the courtyard coverage into an altarpiece that looks at the sky. We have pursued the achievement of an open, transversal space through uses that always communicate between them, either visually or physically. Crossed glances that generate synergies, relationships, never indifference.



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