Allcart | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 1st, 2021

Allcart | Winner Announcement


The design challenge for “Allcart” is to develop a handcart concept for vendors that help them reinvent their commerce methods considerably. The design should be lean and cost-effective for the investment they can make and open new means to utilize the inherent qualities of selling on the street and not being pinned to any location. The design should use available technologies and hybrids like smartphones, etc. to give them a much-needed boost.

Winner Entry_ TOOGI

The strategy was developed to improve Colombian street vendors’ and farmers’ quality of life.


Jury Comments

“Really good effort to integrate so many components. The team should go further in making this really cost-effective and also test the ease of riding this around while being seated behind the display and storage unit.”_ Sunitha Kondur


“There are so many lovely ideas in this proposal – the collapsible baskets and storage of these, the rails for additional display above, the retractable roof, the solar-powered USB charger point, the app (which has been developed here in India (in a few cities) too). The drawings are clear.


There are some fundamental challenges with regards to riding the cart around – visibility and manoeuvrability is going to be tough with the front of the cart out of view and the curving metal sheet behind the rider (the bananas will get in the way too!).


And good luck going uphill or turning sharp corners with the heavy load upfront. Some of the details need attention – the back end of the cantilevered metal hangers for the baskets is flimsy. One should also consider alternate materials (instead of the metal sheet) and the stacking/parking of multiple such carts.”_Bijoy Ramachandran



“A very well though a little bit overdesigned and heavy project”_ Volodymyr Veshtak

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