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Project Name: AlmaMater Restaurant

Practice: ALPHA, Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Servicios S.L.

Firm Location: Madrid (Spain)

Completion year: 2019

Gross Built up Area: 200 m2

Project Location: Murcia

Lead Architects: David Moreno del Valle / Sergio Martínez Nicolás

Design Team: David Moreno del Valle / Sergio Martínez Nicolás

Clients: Juan Guillamón Carrasco

Collaborators: Laura Pequeño Mezquita / Cristina Cardoso Varo

Photo Credits: Fernando Alda

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

“To give a poke in a pig”. Víctor D’Ors.

Our client expresses a requirement but we change it into a strength. Facing a budget issue we propose to discover the constructive origins of the building and find a primal language, industrial, expressed by the material nudity: exposed concrete, corrugated bars, clean surfaces in ceilings, and walls.

Ground floor

Facade Drawing

Bar detail

Bar detail

Shelves and cup hanger detail


It is located on the ground floor of a 1981 dwelling building, along Gran Via, at the heart of Murcia, near to Plaza de las Flores, the city’s gastronomic area.

The premise has only one façade, facing Madre de Dios street, and has an access floor and a mezzanine. The strategy was bringing light and transparency from the outside to the interior part, which has a deep impact on the organization of the spaces and also the definition of the details. All the elements must facilitate that light shines through an intricate building, cleanly: façade, railings, shelves, and wine cellar wants to be part of a dynamic overhaul, instead of a heavy obstacle.

The restaurant must function like clockwork, giving priority to the staff and also boosting the client’s experience. Working side by side with the Chef to arrange it’s operation: the program revolves around the central staircase, organizing all the spaces, with the kitchen as the core part of the restaurant. At it’s left you can find the dishes exit; at it’s right, the washing train and the leftovers entrance, so that you assure clear circular and independent flows. Also, we include extra access from outside to the kitchen, improving the dirty-clean loop.


Picture window

Second floor

Wine glasses


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