Architecture competition Campus of Religions: Results Announced



With the Campus of Religions in aspern Seestadt, an interreligious center and a new location for the Church Educational University of Vienna / Krems is being created.

The Viennese architecture firm Burtscher-Durig ZT GmbH emerged as the winner of the urban planning competition and was able to prevail with its architecture. All 42 submissions will now be presented in a one-week exhibition.

First Prize:

Burtscher-Durig ZT GmbH, Vienna

Employees: DI Katharina Penzinger DI Stefanija Majstorovic
Consultants: Vasko & Partner Ingenieure ZT GmbH

Second Prize:

Tp3 Architekten ZT GmbH – Henter / Rabengruber, Linz

Employees: Mag. Arch. Nikolaus Schullerer-Seimayr, Maximilian Peter Meindl, Paul Eis,
Victoria Holziger, Alexandra Sophie Chroback, BArch Yuri Kain, BA
Open-air planning : Studio Blaugrün – DI Gregor Mader , DI Anna Hackl, DI Peter Braun, DI (FH) Oliver Keil
Building physics: Ing. Wolfgang Kögelberger
Fire protection: IMS-Brandschutz Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Third Prize:

Architect Martin Kohlbauer ZT GmbH, Vienna

Employees:DI Meinrad Schiffer DI Christoph Sieler
Outdoor facility planning: DI Doris Haidvogl Vasko & Partner Engineers ZT GmbH


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