Architecture for Healing | Winners

Architecture for Healing | Winners


Architecture for Healing, competition aims for participants to explore the connection of elements of architecture and how it establishes a healing envelope in the healthcare setting.

Healing is a therapeutic experience of improving human health and behavior. While care is mostly focused on fixing the body, there is a growing recognition that our healthcare requires to expand the focus on healing. Designing spaces that lead to healing experiences has to be developed. Architecture provides us with an opportunity to create such spaces that can have an optimal psychological impact on users.

There is limited scientific research confirming design solutions for creating healing spaces, but the literature study revealed the relationship.


Sandra Jin 

The Cell | Architecture Of Healing

Architecture for Healing | Winners


Inspired by ancient caves for therapeutic living.

Honorable Mention:

John Ombrog 

A Force For Change

Architecture for Healing | Winners


An essay on channeling the strength of Architecture to change the design systems of healthcare and to advocate for holistic healthcare design.


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