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Architecture Firm Name: ARPA Design

Firm Location: Rajkot

Founding Year: 2018

Design Team: Dhruvi Samani, Kavya Mankad

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Abhishek Panelia

Abhishek is an Architect by profession and a passionate designer at heart. He believes art is an integral part of human existence as he tries to understand the many layers of our cities with his talent in music, theatre, sketching, and craft. He has a fantastic eye for detailing and an exceptional yet creative view of today’s world. Abhishek graduated (2009-2015) from Indubhai Parekh School of Architecture(IPSA), Rajkot.




Practice Ideology

Based in Rajkot, we consciously try to study and translate our understanding of the region’s cultural roots through our practice. In this short span, we have explored institutions, private residences, and housing, as well as projects of urban interventions in and around Rajkot. We equally enjoy working on national and global scaled competitions. We are a small team of enthusiasts who try to amalgamate academics and various art forms with an architectural practice. We believe in peer learning and keep doors always open for discussions!

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