BAUHAUS Design Style | Results Announced

BAUHAUS Design Style | Results Announced



The Bauhaus design style is a 2021 design and writing competition organized by Artuminate. Bauhaus is a design movement that began in 1919, geometric and abstract featuring little emotion with no inclination towards history. It is an arts and crafts movement emphasizing on function. Artuminate is looking for a conceptual design and write-up submission on the design style of Bauhaus.

Following Are the winners of the competition

Winner 1_ Building Blocks of a Relative Universe
Joshua Marino, Yazan Khattab & Glover, Mitch

BAUHAUS Design Style | Results Announced


Life is full of connectivity in many styles through different sizes, forms, and functions. Through a variety of elements, the project was focused on exploring and identifying an example of this connection on a broad scale using the abstract thinking of Bauhaus.

The important components of the design function were scale, minimalist design, and key distinct features portrayed through the progression that translated the idea of connectedness to viewers. To create a flow for the design it was decided that a diagram of magnification would work best because it is something familiar that many people could recognize and understand.

Suman Paul, Shivani Yadahalli & Rituparna Pati

BAUHAUS Design Style | Results Announced


Bauhaus as a movement was a rebellion of the commons against conventions, be it; social, cultural, industrial, traditional or national. The expression of this revolt, the “Bauhaus school of thought” left its mark on every possible industry. Bold, simple, geometric, exclusively became stark attributes of this style. The spark leading to Bauhaus was essentially the dying culture of arts and crafts in Germany. Industrialization had left a degenerative society behind it.

Bauhaus brilliantly eliminated this disintegration of art and design in daily life. This ideology brought back life to households through design. Introspection of the same parameters in an Indian context shines a light on an array of gaps needing to be bridged in our society, but not necessarily the same issue that plagued Germany.

Winner 3_Bauhaus Draft
Kennan Huskison, Paxton Antrim & Timothy Graham

BAUHAUS Design Style | Results Announced


Beginning in 1919, based in Weimar, Germany, new design ideas and styles emerged from the school known as the Bauhaus. The founder, Walter Gropius, believed in the idea of gesamtkunstwerk, or ‘synthesis of the arts. Gropius wanted to teach design as a combination of all art forms and translate that into a unified expression of art.

Through the design intent of the Bauhaus, the world was given a new style of design that generated compositional forms into a new type of space that people interact with based on function over form.

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