Boge Friggars | Scott Rasmusson Källander

SAVE Boge Friggars | Scott Rasmusson Källander

Project Name: Boge friggars

Practice: Scott Rasmusson Kallander

Firm Location: Tokyo

Completion year: 2019

Project Location: Sweden

Photo Credits: Anna Sundström

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Project Brief

Boge friggars is a small area with 5 summer houses on the island of Gotland. The solid wooden houses are situated by the shore of the Baltic sea. The exposed wooden construction and large windows floats above, reflects and blends into the rough and untouched landscape

The houses have a solid and an open half. The solid one is private and contains bedrooms and bathrooms. Here you are surrounded and close to the trees and forest.

The open half is public and programmed with LDK that overlooks the grass field and ocean. Inspired by old timber houses and wharfs the architecture aims to be ealong-term and timeless.




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