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Brewed Bali | Result Announcement

Brewed Bali | Result Announcement



A coffee house still holds a similar ideology as it did 4 centuries ago. They act as a mixture of close and open public spaces that are transitioning to give people a platform to gather for conversations or work. It can be said to be a city’s public living room and reflects their traditions in more than one way. The challenge for “Brewed Bali” was to design a Coffee House, a space that transcends the concept of cafes that we see today.

Winner 1_ The Hill
Shamna Stranc 

Brewed Bali | Result Announcement


A coffee house overlooking the beach along with a pavilion dedicated to holding workshops. Local artisans and craftsmen can utilize the space to conduct workshops and promote the art of the region. A small pavilion dedicated for the exhibition of handcrafted local products or for conducting workshops as well.

Jury Comments

Fantastic project – well done! Great concept – very well executed! You interpreted the tradition into a new form – not just repeating the traditional way of building – but you came up with a futuristic form that responds to the customer’s curiosity and will bring people into a well-resolved space!_ Hanna Richardson

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