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Project Name: Casa W

Practice: Oficina Conceito Arquitetura

Products: Espaço do Piso, Indus Parquet, Tidelli Outdoor Living, Xangri-lá Pedras

Firm Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Completion year: 2020

Gross Built up Area: 342 Sqm

Project Location: Brazil

Design Team: Maurício Ambrosi Rissinger, Daniel Dagort Billig, Guilherme Nogueira, Tiago Scherer, Yasmin Feijó Jaskulski, Ana Paula Sperinde, Sophia Frantz Do Amaral, Alessandra Mello, Vivtória Potrich Manfroi, Amanda Hoffmann De Abreu, Alice Bernardo Tremarin.

Landscape Consultants: Vert Paisagismo

Contractors: Eng. Ricardo Preto Lazzaretti

Others: Woodwork: Tiago Cavallin

Photo Credits: Marcelo Donadussi

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect | Updated on 14 November, 2020)

Located on the north coast of Rio Grande do Sul, Casa W has simple volumetry. Three stone planes support the robust upper volume of exposed concrete and block the view of those who pass through the access street into the residence. Finally, the volume of wood that crosses the front / back house organizes the service and its support, the kitchen and the grill, freeing up space for the entire social area that opens up to the view of the lake.

The intimate area, located on the upper floor, has its 4 suites facing the lake, a basic premise of the project’s implementation. A generous circulation, very well lit, gives access to the bedrooms and to being intimate. The choice of materials: stone, exposed concrete and wood bring the textures, and the blue and white present in the loose furniture and in the woodwork, complete the scene of this beach house






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