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Architecture Firm Name: Cauce Arquitectura Del Paisaje


Firm Location: Medellin

Founding Year: 2017

Design Team: Arch. Guillermo Buitrago Arch. Sebastian Gonzales Arch. Carolina Silva Maya Arch. Laura Patricia Muñeton Arch. Alejandra Montoya

Sebastián Monsalve Gómez

I understand architecture as the relationship between the territory and the built space, always looking to achieve the architecture of the place, an architecture that goes related to the society and that allows the generation of links of appropriation with the community. I have worked in different types of public and private projects associated with interdisciplinary teams for project developments. Within the experience I have a wide experience in project formulation through designs for tenders, merits and contests.

The experience in project development and design are:

  • Design, Coordination and Development of Urban Planning.
  • Design, Coordination and Development of Public Space
  • Design Coordination and Architectural Development and Urban furniture
  • Development of special projects: fire station, educational spaces, cultural spaces
  • Urban Planning and Architecture Consulting.
  • Interdisciplinary designs with teams associated with our company on Landscaping issues.

Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Cauce Arquitectura del paisaje is linked to the study and understanding of the territory, finding its topography, landscaping, environment, visual, culture and climate to develop architectural and urban spaces that adapt to physical and ecological conditions, understanding the relationships between the biotic environment and anthropic conditions.

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