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Architecture Firm Name: CAUKIN Studio


Firm Location: UK

Founding Year: 2015

Consultants: Centrespace Design, EOC Engineers, ARUP

Collaborators: Naqaqa Giving Foundation, The Jazmin Fund, Bula Batiki Coconut Oil, The Earth Care Agency, Mothers of Africa, The Tanbok Project, Yayasan Usaha Mulia, Jeevika Free, STF Jakarta, Friends Of Koh Rong.

Joshua Peasley

Josh Co-Founded CAUKIN during his second year of university studying Architecture. His role within the business lies within project management, people management and construction procurement. His passion for construction management developed whilst working for a practice in Manchester where he managed a wide range of projects including large scale residential and industrial schemes. His skills ensure that our projects run smoothly from start to finish, overcoming supply and logistics issues with quick thinking and well actioned plans.

Upon finishing university Josh was the chair of the annual exhibition, leading a team of over 40 people to curate and display the school’s work. He has lectured at universities across the UK and has pitched CAUKIN Studio to Santander Bank at a conference with an audience of over 1000 people.

Harry Thorpe

As a founding director at CAUKIN Harry’s role lies in the areas of stakeholder engagement, wider research and big picture thinking. His role is crucial in ensuring that every CAUKIN project has the highest level of impact possible, through open communication with our NGOs and active engagement strategies with community end users. He is always thinking ahead to possible systematic issues and challenges that could be solved through design thinking and in depth research and analysis.

Throughout employment at the award winning architecture practice Loyn+Co, he was given increased responsibility on both design and client-side tasks. This experience allowed Harry to refine his skills in communications and public facing aspects of the company for businesses pitches or lectures at institutions and universities across the UK.

Harrison Marshall

Harrison is a director at CAUKIN Studio. His primary role within the business lies in idea generation, design thinking and buildability. With a strong passion for architecture, Harrison ensures that our buildings far exceed international design standards, and achieve an award winning level of quality. Harrison has been a guest tutor at a number of UK universities and has spoken at the Architecture and international development conferences globally.

After graduating from a Masters in Architecture in 2018, he worked at CDR studio in New York on a variety of projects, including bespoke residential properties, public realm installations, and commercial schemes for Audi. Working at CDR Studio developed Harrison’s skills in creating a design strategy that explores countless options through a rapid and efficient process.

Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Every human being should have the opportunity and tools to shape the spaces they inhabit.
We should all benefit from the quality of life that is achieved through informed design.
We are dedicated to creating skill exchange opportunities through design and construction. We enable this process through 3
key strategies: Design Through Collaboration, Learn Through Building, Experience Through Immersion



Their name is derived from the origins of their founding members, in Canada, the UK and Indonesia.

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