CEPT – Navrachana…Studio-III…Mid-Sem Jury & Exhibition…End of Phase-I…


Posted on: October 12th, 2014

CEPT – Navrachana…Studio-III…Mid-Sem Jury & Exhibition…End of Phase-I…

The ‘Abstraction’ studio is structured around two broad phases; each phase represents two different, yet related, aspects of the design process. The first phase, called ‘drifting’, allows the careless wandering of the heart; whereas, the second phase focuses on the precision of the mind. In the first phase, students explored various ideas with as many model-making techniques, based on the topic with which they started. First phase was divided into three stages; at the end of third stage we held mid-semester juries and exhibitions at both the places, CEPT and Navrachana.

Images from Navrachana

Images from CEPT

We had Prof Kirit Patel, Vishal Vadhwani, Dhaval Jotani, and Sankalpa as the jurors (26/09/2014). The discussions in the jury session revolved around some key themes.

  • The level of consistency in the process in the first phase, starting from the image till the end of third stage. The process should speak for itself, when all the models are put together.
  • A range of ideas have been derived through the process; now when the structure and materials will be applied to these diagrams in the second phase, what are the further directions/possibilities?
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