CEPT…Studio-III…Time-Problem Culmination…


Posted on: August 2nd, 2014

CEPT…Studio-III…Time-Problem Culmination…

Prof Gurdev visited the CEPT studio yesterday, and the time-problem came to an end with a general discussion. Some of the models were put together along with their original paintings.

The students explored various model-making materials from various kinds of papers, to wires, meshes, clay, pop, acrylic, etc.

The discussion was focused on the nature of abstraction; abstraction that is true to the painting. The painting becomes the starting point for the further process of abstraction, but it should not become a restriction in the process. The student should drift freely without any restriction. On the other hand, the abstraction should also have a connection with the painting. The attempt in the direction of abstraction should not become very ‘generic’, it should be ‘specific’ to the painting.

The overall response to the time-problem was good, and we hope it continues in the same spirit throughout semester.

The exhibition of the models will be held on Monday(04/08/2014). Following are some images from the day.



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