Chair Challenge 2021 | Result Announced


Posted on: August 18th, 2021

Chair Challenge 2021 | Result Announced


The “Chair Challenge 2021” is to design a chair, choose its materials/colours/finishes, and represent them. The winners of the competition have been announced.
Chairs are a necessity of every home today and can be easily used to refresh the look of the house. Armchairs, Slipper Chairs, Study Chairs, Dining Chairs, etc. are some of the innumerable kinds of chairs to select from. A chair brings together practicality, creativity, and most importantly engineering.



Affordable. Detachable. Recyclable. The ’21 CHAIR is a piece of furniture that balances the 21st century’s needs for environmental sustainability and universal access with our longing to reconnect with the relaxing side of our homes after a long day of work.

Back view of the ’21 Chair
Side view of the ’21 Chair
The assembly of four thin elements defines an extremely light armchair that is unequivocally intended for leisure and rest, which can be moved comfortably between our different living spaces.
The minimal use of materials in the ’21 CHAIR’s not only gives it a light, minimalist structure, but also leaves great space for its customization and adaptation to its environment or use case.
Most of the ’21 CHAIR’s components are made of a single material. Only the seat is also protected by a synthetic leather cover that gives it a softer, more pleasant touch.

Editors Choice

Miss’a Salatowa

A project for a new inovative chair design of the year 2021

Angle Chair

The chair changes lifestyle

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