Child Play | A Play Structure for a Public Park

SAVE Child Play | A Play Structure for a Public Park

Last Submission Date: December 14, 2021

Last Registration Date: December 13, 2021

Language: English

Country: Warsaw , Poland

Prizes: 24,000 $

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition

The competition “Child Play” briefed to design a play structure for children that can be installed in a public park.

Designing for kids is not an easy task. The design process is undertaken by adults, with children being the end-users and therefore, it is a huge responsibility to deliver high-quality designs.

Parks and playgrounds are hubs of social activity, especially for kids. Hence it is essential that these play areas are inclusive, accessible, and stimulating. The installation will foster a sense of community by creating a piece of equipment for the shared public land.
The design should ensure that the artificial landscape created is safe while giving the kids a chance to explore, learn and grow. The visual impact must be exemplary with standout features.

The aim is to create a structure that is inventive and would challenge the kids without any singularly functioning elements. The structure design must establish a connection or harmony with the natural surrounding it is placed in.


  • Access: The setup must be such that it allows for children to explore freely in a secure environment and encourage engagement.
  • Modular: The design of the play structure must be made of assemblable parts for easy replication in multiple locations.
  • Material: The material palette must be durable and safe for use for children with no harm inflicted on the context environment or users.
  • Multi-activity: Create setups that serve not just one kind of play but the ability to be multi-functional in the short term to retain interest.

For more information visit the competition WEBSITE.

Requirements / Eligibility

The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.
This is a design idea challenge only. There is no built commission/realization associated with the problem.

Submission / Key Dates

Registration Deadline: December 13, 2021
Submission Deadline: December 14, 2021
Winner Announcement: February 10, 2022

About the Organizer

Unfuse serves as a unit for Uni in the field of Architecture. It intends to break the fusion of traditional design barriers and methodologies by making it a platform for experimentation and conceptual exchange of ideas in architecture, urbanism, society, culture, and ecology. It is a research initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for designers from all domains to explore ideas that go beyond the boundaries of architectural discipline and enrich our built environment; thereby opening up possibilities for the promotion of architectural thought at a global level.

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