[Competition] Boun Furniture Design Awards ‘20.

SAVE [Competition] Boun Furniture Design Awards ‘20.


Welcome to the 2nd edition of Boun Furniture Design Awards ‘20.

Furniture is part of a system that completes our comfort. Layers of furniture bring out who we are and how we live. They are an inseparable part of us. Intended to support various human activities, they eventually are prominent controllers of the human psyche. And by selecting the right furniture, a person can leave the outside world at the door and find their own nest of comfort. The role of designer hence becomes essential in framing these niches and corners of how our lives arescripted and unscripted in innovative ways. Ways; a user can only know after experiencing these.

With Boun Furniture Design Awards, we honor projects that ascend creativity, practicality and bring out new dimensions of design through furniture as a medium.


Boun Furniture design Awards (BFDA) has been created to recognize, honor and celebrate the pinnacle of crafting excellence and design proficiency in the furniture design industry. We are inviting designers and craftsmen across the globe to submit their entries which will be judged for design innovation, versatility, visual ingenuity, ergonomics, aesthetics. With some exemplary furniture projects received in our previous edition, we can’t wait to see what lies in store for this year’s BFDA 2020.

Title: Boun Furniture Design Awards ‘20.

Organiser: Comeptitions.Uni

Submission Deadline: November 30, 2019

Website: competitions.uni.xyz

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