[Competition] Stadium – Stadiums that live beyond sports

SAVE [Competition] Stadium – Stadiums that live beyond sports

Since the origin of the Olympics in 1896, sports events have gained massive popularity worldwide. These events are big for all countries and a matter of great pride and responsibility for the host nation. It gives the host a chance to reflect upon their cultural values & promote tourism. Huge sums of public money are invested in organizing these events, out of which a major chunk is invested in preparing the venues for sports events to be witnessed by a global audience.

To cater to a larger audience, the scale of venues for major sports events like Olympics, commonwealth events is magnificent which require a large investment of public money. However, this becomes a massive issue, majorly in developing regions. The limited usage of such buildings after the event adds a layer of the issue in name of maintenance cost. These structures often become a liability for the host. Historically, a large number of such venues were demolished to reuse the land which may not the most ideal way to deal with public resources.


The challenge is to design a concept stadium for international events in a small city, such that the setup could be used/reused for many purposes beyond sports. The sheer culmination of many facilities and building services makes a stadiums an ideal box to serve many functions beyond sports. Eg. A public space, or a Market or a Fitness park, and many many more such examples. The multi-use perspective is seen in a time span of decades where a stadium might sit idle for more than half a year.

Title: Stadium – Stadiums that live beyond sports

Registration Deadline: November 21, 2019

Submission Deadline: December 01, 2019

Website: competitions.uni.xyz

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