Doshi We Know | Applications for ‘Breaking the Barriers – The Fellowship 2024-2025’ are invited

Doshi We Know | Applications for ‘Breaking the Barriers – The Fellowship 2024-2025’ are invited


  • Type: Fellowship
  • Last date of Registration: 20/07/2024

The Fellowship:

 A young person in an early stage of a career may reflect upon contextual situation, study existing ways of working upon it, learn from more experienced creative persons and experiment with innovative ideas and approaches in order to build up the capacity to respond to the challenges facing us. The Doshi Fellowship will support scholars primarily in the field of architecture and the built environment, but can consider other fields of study that impinge upon this area.

The Doshi Fellowship is meant to support young scholars and practitioners who wish to study a contemporary situation, involve themselves in ways of responding to its challenges, or carry out innovative experiments to research some aspect of the situation.

The Fellowship will be awarded to those who have demonstrated their commitment to excellence through their work, either academically or in the field, and who propose a definite and creative manner of pursuing an interest in line with the above-stated objectives of the sponsors. The Fellowship sponsors are open to diverse ways in which the awardees may propose to use provisions of the Fellowship. Applicants should indicate how they intend to use the fellowship for consideration by the judges.

The organisers of the fellowship will institute and announce a process for application, the mode of selecting awardees, and the number and quantum of fellowships to be awarded each year. The final decision on awards will rest with the Jury appointed by the organisers each year.


Awardees will be provided a sum of Rs. 3,00,000/- as support for pursuing their interest. In general there will be one such award, but in exceptional cases, the Fellowship organisers may award more than one fellowship, and the sum may then be shared.

Awardees will be associated with an advisor or mentor. The fellowship organisers will decide the persons who will be advisors or mentors. Such persons will generally be from amongst the Alumni of Faculty of Architecture, CEPT, Ahmedabad, but where necessary others may be requested to mentor the awardee.


Young persons between 25-45 years of age, preferably architects or those connected with the issues of environment or those involved in any discipline or skill(s), who have demonstrated exceptional ability to evolve creative and innovative ideas and approaches relating to built environment and human habitations that enhance the welfare of communities and show concern for the environment.


20th July – Last day of Submission
26th August – Annoucement of Award

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