Radicepura Garden Festival | Call for Ideas 2024

Radicepura Garden Festival | Call for Ideas 2024


  • Type: Idea Level Competition
  • Last date of Registration: 15/09/2024

Radicepura Garden Festival announces the Call for Ideas to participate at the fifth edition of the Biennale dedicated to garden design, which will have the topic 



Order in the Garden 

from an idea of Antonio Perazzi, artistic director of the festival. 

The international call is open to students, landscape architects, agronomists, garden designers, botanists, nursery gardeners, urban planners, engineers, artists, curators and all those who have the skills to design and create a garden. 

For the next edition of the Festival will be realized 7 gardens reserved for under 36 years old – teams or individuals. 

Participation is free. 

Gardens should be a celebration of biodiversity, the natural landscape, and the Mediterranean man-made landscape. Gardens should be innovative, attractive, usable, capture the attention of visitors, and clearly illustrate their design idea and message. The Festival encourages interaction with the public, an innovative approach with new ideas that support and develop a positive relationship between people, their culture and the natural environment where they live. The diversity of climate zones in the Mediterranean and the complex cultural vicissitudes of the area offer a wide range of creative ideas.

The deadline to send the applications is the 15th of September 2024. 

To apply the competition visit the website www.radicepurafestival.com [email protected] or https://www.radicepurafestival.com/en/call-for-ideas-2024/

To find more details & Register visit HERE


LAST DATE OF SUBMISSION: 15 September 2024


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