The Casa – A Challenge To Design World’s Most Extraordinary Home | Architecture Competition

The Casa – A Challenge To Design World’s Most Extraordinary Home | Architecture Competition


  • Type: Architecture Competition
  • Last date of Registration: 10/07/2023

About Competition

Home is the place where you share good & bad days and create memories with your loved ones. A home is not just 05 – 06 people inhabiting the space, it houses the religion, the culture & tradition, the food & the lifestyle of all individuals. We believe home is not a stagnant entity, in fact, it is constantly evolving & shaping itself as per the use of its users. From caves, huts, and mud-brick homes to grand castles & palaces, we have seen all shades of what a home can be. We invite participants to design a home that is unique in terms of its architecture & interiors, a home that has an element of surprise & elegance, and a home that is truly bold, innovative & experimental. Let your design imaginations go wild because it’s time to design the world’s most extraordinary home.

The Challenge

The challenge is to design a home for a family of 07 people. It is to be assumed that the clients of this residence are world renowned fashion designers ( Husband & Wife ) living with Grandparents, 02 Sons ( 21 & 25 years old ) & 01 Daughter ( 18 years old ). The following points are to be considered while designing the house:

-Son & Daughter Are Artists. Sons are into producing music & Daughter into arts & painting

-Entire Family Is Nature Loving.

-The Family Regularly Practices Yoga & Meditation.

-Grandparents Are Retired And They Have A Hobby Of Reading Books.

-The Family Needs A Swimming Pool, Parking For 06 Cars, A HomeTheatre, A Bar, A Gym & Garden.

  • Other requirements are – 01 Living Room , 01 Family Room,05 MasterBedrooms with master bath, 01 Guest Room, and Kitchen & Dining. Participants can add any other relevant areas/functions as per the family profession & their hobbies. Participants can choose the site anywhere in the world. The area of the site should not exceed 5000 sq.mts. We request participants to provide the necessary margin depending on where you choose a site. No restrictions on floor height & built-up area. 

Max floor Allowed–03. Single basement allowed. Ground Coverage – 60%.


First Prize:  INR 1,00,000

Second Prize: INR 50,000

Third Prize:  INR 25,000

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