Weekly Highlights 2021 #21

Project of the week - Architecture Faculty in Tournai | Aires Mateus
Weekly Highlights 2021 #21

Archidiaries is excited to share the “Project of the Week”. Along with this, the weekly highlight contains few of the best projects, published throughout the week. These selected projects represent the best content curated and shared by the team at ArchiDiaries.

Architecture Faculty in Tournai | Aires MateusWeekly Highlights 2021 #21

St George Orthodox Church | WallmakersWeekly Highlights 2021 #21

Gable House | UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Weekly Highlights 2021 #21

House COVE(R) | Touch ArchitectWeekly Highlights 2021 #21

AA House | HORMA EstudioWeekly Highlights 2021 #21

Akravi Disha | Within n Without ArchitectsWeekly Highlights 2021 #21

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