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Project Name: CRC de Albacete

Practice: ALPHA, Arquitectura, Ingeniería y Servicios S.L.

Firm Location: Madrid, Spain

Completion year: 2010

Gross Built up Area: 2074 m2

Project Location: Albacete, Spain

Lead Architects: David Moreno del Valle

Design Team: David Moreno del Valle

Clients: ADIF as end customer

Photo Credits: Fernando Alda

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

The building is emphatic in its implantation, a service area on the beach of railway via in the surroundings of the station of Albacete.

The given answer is intended to achieve presence without stridency, discreetly.
The building should not only solve a program that bring all uses; It also possesses a strong symbolic charge, which by its content and location will add to the remarkable presence of the station, without entering to compete with it.

Site Plan

Site Plan. Plot

Urbanization. Detail

Level +1

Elevations 1

Sections 2

The regulating cube is analogous to the lighthouse of the line: it starts at a base that is a building that is located on the ground floor trying to add the technical constructions of around, integrated, to finish in the light that comes out of the lighthouse, that guides the circulations.

It is a building consisting of three different volumes corresponding to the regulation and Control room, the technical rooms and the security and Civil protection rooms, articulated around the entrance hall. The main and representative body of the project, of greater dimensions, is the one that houses the CRC itself, main nucleus of the project and which, in addition, by its own idiosyncrasy, influences the general design of the building. The second body is the one that houses the technical rooms themselves, equipment location, generator set etc…., and the third volume is destined to security and Civil protection, all articulated around the entrance hall, representative of the Building and for which the design criteria similar to the main body have been followed, in which we can also include the toilets and changing rooms of staff.
We’ve done the whole engineering package of the building.

Building corner

Building geometry

CRC Albacete

Main entrance


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