Data Trees and Data Management | Grasshopper as a Tool

Workshops @ ArchiDiaries | AUTUMN 2020


Posted on: September 24th, 2020

Data Trees and Data Management | Grasshopper as a Tool

Date: 01, 02, 03 September 2020

Under this topic students learnt to make and manage data trees while doing visual scripting. What is branching, what are leaves in data tree?  Why there is need of grafting, simplification and flattening of data tree? Further going, students learnt how to select a particular data branch from tree and change its path. There is also a session in which students came to know about flipping matrix. The students were given an exercise to understand grafting and simplifying. They had to take ten points on two different lines and learn grafting these points.

Concept of Data Trees

Branching in Data Trees

Generating form and geering points by construct point 

Further students had to simplify a mesh and create a form of their choice.

Simplified curve

Student’s Submission (Ayesha De Sousa)

Student’s Submission


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