Day 12 | Introduction to Human UI


Posted on: July 15th, 2020

Day 12 | Introduction to Human UI

Date: 27.06.2020


Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper, Human UI, Lunchbox

Tools Used: Circle, Divide Curve, Vector 2pt, List Item, Move, Loft, Contour, Volumn, Extrude, Cap Holes, Scale NU, Triangulated Panels, Brep Edges, Join Curves, Offset, Dispatch, Surface, Jitter, Sort List, Area, Partition List, Mass Addition, Create Grid, Merge, Create Chart, Set Chart Contents, Create 3d view, Set 3d view, Colour swatch, Mesh join, Chart Appearance, Set window properties, Launch Window, Adjust Element Positioning.

The session was the introduction of plugin Human UI in grasshopper to generate data charts. For this a tower was generated  and the data was generated on the floor plates and facade panels of the tower.


Points generated on circular geometry are listed for modification of the circular geometry in grasshopper.


Modified geometry being scale and moved in Z-axis.


Surface generated on lofting the geometries to create a tower.



Horizontal surfaces being generated from the curves and were given thickness to create floor plates of the tower.


Lofted surface being subdivided into triangular panels.


Polycurves of the triangulated panels being extracted.

Frame being generated from the polycurves.


The surface of the tower being re-defined by lofting the curves of the polylines of the frame.


Panels being jittered to generate patterns.


Alternate option on jitter of the triangular panels.


Data of the floor plates and fa├žade panels generated using Human UI.



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