Day 3 | Learn Fundamentals of Octopus: Task 1


Posted on: July 19th, 2020

Day 3 | Learn Fundamentals of Octopus: Task 1

Date: 27.06.2020

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper, Ladybug, Octopus

Tools Used: Construct Domain, Random, Panel, Loft, Extrude, Vector XYZ, Move, Explode, List item, ScaleNU, Brep, Partition List, Tree Statistics, Replace Path, Explode Tree, Jitter, Volume, IsoVist, Polyline, Solid Difference, Radiation Analysis, Mesh, Mesh Join, Brep Join, GenCumulativeSkyMix,SelectSkyMix, Analysis Period,Laddybug_download EPW WeatherFile, Rotate, Boolean Toggle, Expression, Integer, Octopus

This was in continuation of the previous day session exercise. The session covered using multiple plugins to generate data to develop design using grasshopper. In this session, fitness criteria such as view, radiation analysis were done through evolutionary algorithms using Octopus to generate the data on the best possible option for view and radiation.

Openings created in the surfaces on the walls of the four rooms.


Roofing slab generated on all the rooms.


North being assigned to the location.


View being generated from the selected room.


Radiation analysis being generated for all the four rooms.


 Views being generated for all the rooms


All the fitness criteria being selected for optimization in Octopus.


All the fitness criteria assigned to Octopus.

Optimization of the mutation process in Octopus to generate the best design option.


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