Day 5 | Making design decisions by generating relevant data: Task 1


Posted on: July 21st, 2020

Day 5 | Making design decisions by generating relevant data: Task 1

Date: 29.06.2020

Task 1

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper, Ladybug, Lunchbox, Octopus

Tools Used: Rectangle, Area, Scale, Project, Flow, Naked Points, Populate 3D, Curve, Panel, Boolean Toggle, Average, Pull Point, IsoVist, Polyline, Surface, Octopus.

In today’s session another program brief was developed to generate data on. In this program a contour site was chosen on which a suitable camping location was to be generated. For which the fitness criteria decided were Path distance, View, Not near water Log areas, Flat Area and Tree.

Diagram showing list of fitness criteria and the contour site.

Base rectangular surface being generated in grasshopper.

Naked curves being generated from the surface.

Populate 3D points generated within the boundary of the rectangle.

Contour surface being generated from the Populated points.

Direction of Water flow generated on the site.

Curves in green showing water log areas.

Curves showing suitable paths.

Areas with suitable views.

Fitness criteria fed to Octopus.

Generation 1 mutation being done to generate data in Octopus.

Final data generated for generation 1 mutation.

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