Day 5 | Learning more about Grasshopper, Task 1, 2 & 3


Posted on: July 6th, 2020

Day 5 | Learning more about Grasshopper, Task 1, 2 & 3

Date: 19.06.2020

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper


Task 1

Tools Used: Construct Point,Line,Divide Curve,Shortest list,Graft Tree.

This exercise was to understand the fundamentals of lists and graft tree in grasshopper. For this two lines were created and divided into two different segments. Then,the lines were created by joining points generated from segments.

One of the lines is divided into 8 segments and the other line is divided into 10 segments.After finding the shortest list of the point,lines generated from points from the segments of two parallel lines.


All the points of the two lines are getting connected to each other when the points are grafted.The lines created is the resulting outcome.


Task 2

Tools Used: Rectangular Array,Area,Sphere,Volume,Move,Random,Integer,List Length,Sort item,List item.

The exercise was to understand the components Sort list and Random in grasshopper. For which spheres where created on points created using the Rectangular array. Then volume of spheres were resized using list length and random.

Spheres resized using random.


Spheres with different volumes when resized using list length and random.


Task 3

Tools Used: Hexagonal,Point,Area, Flatten Tree,Pull point,Bounds,Remap numbers,Offset curves.

The exercise was continuation of previous day exercise on point attractor.In these two points were created unlike in previous case where it was done using one point.A hexagonal grid was created and offset was done.The outcome was the hexagon nearer to the points had less offset, wherein the offset of the hexagon was more if  the distance between the points and the hexagon was more.

Hexagonal grid created in grasshopper.


Finding the centroid of the hexagons.


Final outcome after the offset.

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