Day 8 | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Task 1


Posted on: July 24th, 2020

Day 8 | Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Task 1

Date: 02.07.2020



Task 1

Title: Presentation on AI and Machine learning.

Software used: Google Quickdraw, Tensorflow

Tools Used:

The session was on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. The session covered the fundamentals and logistics of Database, Algorithms and Technology used in machine learning by demonstrating its applications through the platforms that use machine learning.

Diagram showing identifying criteria of a doodle on Quick draw.

Doodles drawn are identified correctly on Quick draw based on similar entries of doodles fed by the users in the past.

Diagram showing three major factors for creating a machine learning model.

Diagram explaining categories of machine learning; Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning, Reinforcement learning and the logistics of it.

Diagram explaining logistics of generating an image from overlap of two different images in style transfer method.

Image generated through style transfer method on

Identifying type of machine learning for a given application.

Diagram explaining logistics of database in machine learning.

Demonstration of ML model on

Identifying criteria that are possible for creating ML models in the field of Architecture.

Diagram explaining role of Genetic algorithm if used in Architecture to generate data.


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