Decode | Winners Announced


Posted on: December 5th, 2021

Decode | Winners Announced

Decode‘ is an architecture competition that intends to encourage an authentic understanding of one of the ‘-isms’ in the history of architectural styles, i.e. Deconstructivism. Most often, ‘movements’ begin as a response to a set of circumstances, as steps to bring about change, or as critique. Over the course of time, the reasons, original ideologies, and principles can take a different form as compared to the motivations of the original movement. This competition invites architects and designers to communicate the ‘essence’ of deconstructivism, by means of architecture itself. Through a pavilion design, the competition aims to bring out ideas to sensitize users/the public towards the values of deconstructivism. It also provokes thinking about how public built spaces can imbibe certain ideas in their physical forms and play a part in subtly communicating those to its users.



Winner 1: Piotr Pawłowski

Editor’s Choice

Winner 1: Zhenya Zhenev

Winner 2: Sungmin Park


Explore the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.

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