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Architecture Firm Name: DF_DC architects

Website: https://df-dc.co.uk/

Firm Location: London, UK and Lugano, Switzerland

Founding Year: 2016

The Firm is lead by Dario Franchini and Diego Calderon.

Practice Ideology

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The practice has built a series of private houses, housing blocks and public spaces in Switzerland, the UK and Mexico, with current projects in France, Italy and Mozambique. Df_Dc were recognized with a mention of Honour in the Jalisco Architecture Biennale in 2020.

Our work is based on observing the different contexts around a project and weaving them as the medium to constructing space. As project are subject to nonstop contingency, we have learned to work with strategies rather than design with design. These strategies free us from the usual constraints of scale and building type and allow us to approach a project.

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