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Architecture Firm Name: Dhyey Chag Architects

Website: www.dhyeychagarchitects.com

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Founding Year: 2019

Dhyey Chag 

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Dhyey Chag is the Principal Architect and founder of Dhyey Chag Architects, an alumni of School Of Environmental Design And Architecture (SEDA) , Navrachana University ,Vadodara , Gujarat. He has worked under Architect Hiren Patel , acquiring diverse knowledge and paramount experience . He has construction background that has considerable amount of knowledge and experience, helping him in learning various on site situations and taking the best out of it. He himself is a Developer and an In-House Architect at ‘Chag Builders’ a construction firm based in Jamnagar since 40 years.

He believes in simple yet thoughtful designs along with innovations in details. He takes the complexity of project into consideration and comes out with satisfactory solutions creating beautiful spaces.

Practice Ideology

At Dhyey Chag Architects , we believe that a good design is an outcome of strong concept , good detailing and a proficient  workmanship along with on site proper execution by various agencies. We believe in prioritising and understanding a client’s requirement in accordance to the budget and responding to it accordingly with an innovative concept keeping the context in mind while also maintaining our distinct language of Design.

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