Doshi-We-Know Fellowship 2022 awarded to Chandraprakash Kumare


Posted on: March 16th, 2022

Doshi-We-Know Fellowship 2022 awarded to Chandraprakash Kumare


This year the DWK Fellowship had the largest number of applications to date from a wide range of practitioners from various fields including Architecture, Urban Design, Urban Planning, Design, Art and the Humanities – were received.

The Trustees of DWK formed the jury. All of them studied all the entries in detail and graded the entries. The entries that scored high were shortlisted, and all the shortlisted entries were discussed by the jury in detail. The jury kept in mind the freshness of ideas in the proposal, the alignment of the proposal with the intentions of DWK Fellowship, and the abilities of the candidate to fulfil the task.

Finally the jury, after due deliberation, decided that the application by Chandraprakash Kumare, TA: Nagpur, Maharashtra be awarded the Doshi We Know 2022 fellowship. This application proposes the study of women workers in the construction industry as well as in rural areas through photography and paintings. It proposes to bring about a greater empathy and understanding of their lives through the medium of the visual arts. The jury is of the view that this proposal is very much in line with Balkrishna Doshi’s concern about people and their lives and is therefore an appropriate choice. Also, the entry works with the medium of Art and is thus a new direction for the DWK Fellowship to support.

Noted artist Mr. Murali Cheeroth has generously agreed to mentor Chandraprakash Kumare, The trustees thank Mr. Cheeroth for graciously agreeing to devote time and energy to the DWK fellowship work.

This award demonstrates the wide range of possibilities that the Fellowship wishes to support. The first award was in the field of Heritage Documentation and Revitalization, the second dealt with the needs of unprivileged children in urban areas through Design of Urban Public Spaces, and now this award will support a greater understanding of Women’s Contribution to the Built Environment, yet pointing out the urgent need for improving their conditions and their sense of agency.

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