Echo of Rubble | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 15th, 2021

Echo of Rubble | Winner Announcement


The design challenge for “Echo of Rubble” was to conceive new product design interventions resulting in more like a speaking product reflecting the roughness of post-war materials and the echoes of its culture that delivers the society a message.

A challenge was to design an exclusive structural form product that can simulate the events closely in a unique and expressive way.

Winner_ The Mourning Clock

The sand clock can be enlarged to a larger size and placed on the square like a sculpture so that people can mourn at the same time and place, so as to sublimate this common emotion. The hourglass can also be made into smaller size, like key pendants, which appears in people’s sight more often, and also reposes people’s yearning for peace.

Echo of rubble_ W1.1

Explore the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.


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