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Architecture Firm Name: EK Design

Firm Location: Shenzhen

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Mao Hua

Mrs MAO is a professional designer with a global vision and always bases her works on modernistic design concepts. Combining artistic flexibility and life inspirations, MAO strives to discover a new world of “perfect design”. Her design is characterized by theatrical and dramatic aesthetics, which brings fun and multi-facet experiences to the space, thus enriching one’s spirit with contemplation.




Practice Ideology

A group of dream-makers devoted to designing to fulfil others’ dreams

If a design is regarded as a stage

We are the dream-makers

We design diverse roles

We interpret whimsical plots and polish dramatic works

We are a group of uncompromising “slashies.”

Some of us are architects with professional psychotherapy certificates

Some of us are interior designers with SAJ SKI certificates

Some are installation artists who are keen to cross over to landscape design

At EK, the design has no boundaries and is full of fantastical collisions

We embrace the world and explore design with our hearts!

EK DESIGN, founded by Mrs Mao Hua in 2021, is a high-end design brand under YuQiang & Partners. EK is a design agency that focuses on expressing the emotional connection between people and space from a fashion and artistic perspective. It has a forward-looking and diversified design team. EK is specialized in adopting the “deconstructive” design logic and ingenious language to create multiple spatial possibilities. EK is a good thinker and gains insights from daily life. EK dares to think the unthinkable and strikes a balance between creativity and rationality. EK pays respect to the characteristics and quality of a space and inspires more possibilities of life.

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