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Architecture Firm Name: Espaco Objecto arquitectura e design


Firm Location: Agueda, Portugal

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ESPAÇO OBJECTO, ARQUITECTURA E DESIGN, LDA, emerges as the result of a long collaboration between three architects, who as a team had already carried out several works. In July 1999, they decided to set up this company that complements the activities of architecture, project management and urban planning, design and sale of furniture. The team consists of António Manuel Marques Figueiredo, Maria Manuela Ferrão Fernandes and Ricardo José Vicente Carvalho, architects. It has several regular collaborators in specific domains, able to intervene whenever the scope and nature of the project suggest it, forming homogeneous and interactive work teams.

In 2003, as a result of our concerns about energy saving, a Consortium was created between our company, the company ContaWatt and the Instituto de Sistemas de Computação INESC Coimbra, with the objective of promoting rational and sustainable buildings. from an organic point of view or from an energy point of view. Execution of Energy/Construction Quality audits in public buildings, in collaboration with the company ContaWatt, since that date. Collaboration with ADELO – Bairrada and Mondego Local Development Association (Cantanhede, Mealhada, Montemor-o-Velho and Penacova) since 2004 in the design of single-family homes with optimization of the quality/cost ratio. In 2006 the company acquired its own space to develop its activities. In 2007 he reformulated the staff with the departure of one of the partners, and the entry of a new element, Rui Urbano, who has worked for the company since 2000. Our work covers diverse areas such as urban planning, social action equipment, public education, cultural and institutional, industrial establishments, residential buildings, religious, commerce and services, with some projects in the design/execution modality.

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