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The call for ideas FITT FUTURE HEADQUARTERS was launched in November 2020 by YAC – Young Architects Competitions – in collaboration with FITT Group for the design of the new, innovative headquarters of this leading Italian company.  Designers from almost 100 countries took part in this compelling challenge proposing their concept ideas.

An outstanding jury panel including Audun Opdal (3XN), Emmanuelle Moureaux, Nicola Scaranaro (Foster + Partners), Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects), Hasan Çalışlar (Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects), Carlo Ratti, Alessandro Adamo (Lombardini22), among the others, evaluated the project proposals selecting those better responding to the competition’s brief. The winning projects have been awarded a total cash prize of € 20,000 distributed to the first seven teams ranking.

Following are the winning entries o FITT Future Headquarters

Winner 1

TEAM NAME: Piarena
TEAM MEMBERS: Sergey Korobkov, Dmitriy Shklyaruk, Evgeniy, Korobskoy, Andrey Tsyplakov, Aleksey Cherednikov
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The design is focused “on seven principles: functionalism, individuality, innovative technologies, sustainable architecture, high energy efficiency, health and ecology as a reflection of mental and physical stimulus. Shaping is based on the interaction of the main technological process occurring in the building, taking into account the identity of the FITT Company.”

Winner 2

TEAM NAME: Varabyeu partners
TEAM MEMBERS: Mihail  Sobolkov, Ihar Shamanouski, Siarhei, Yasiuk, Mark Kamsin, Viktoryia Vetashkina
COUNTRY: Belarus
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“A project aimed at improving the situation by introducing outdoor coworking and lounge areas. The more safe spaces, the more comfortable people feel Eternal movement. The never-ending movement of water in nature is the only perpetual motion machine in existence. Its flows carved smooth curves in the rocks creating incredible landscapes, and architects inspired by its natural flexures and the power of endless movement transferred these lines and meanings into their creations.”

Winner 3

TEAM NAME: Buffo Ercoli
TEAM MEMBERS: Ruggero Buffo, Danilo Ercoli
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“The focus of this project is on the building arising on the long and narrow site, hence the linear shape maximizing its filter feature. Public courts open towards the existing factory to receive visitors and workers, where building functions can be enhanced and brought outside. Towards East a dense green patch protects the project from the noise and the sight coming from the cave nearby.”

Gold Mentions

The Greek team MVA starts on the “element of water being a part of the area’s heritage and the main point of reference for FITT. The rigid geometry of the urban environment in contrast with the fluid forms encountered. The concept is based on three main aspects: the man-made environment, the natural environment, the human being at the center.”

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The team min collective from the Netherlands proposed “a concept inspired by the countless patches that characterize the surrounding countryside of Veneto as it introduces a green campus with a louver roof system that expands this pattern. Underneath this iconic roof a new climate arises; the greenery stretches over the full length of the area and is divided into zones by three bands of intense vegetation. The columns that support the roof are part of this ecosystem as they evaporate water from the aquifer to maintain an optimal climate at the campus. In pursuit of FITT’s focus on sustainability, as many existing trees as possible remain untouched on site.”

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“A renowned company should have renowned headquarters” – states the team RMTR studio from Slovenia, ranking among the Gold Mentions – “The distinctive mix of contemporary design, untamed nature, and extraordinary work environment are a synonym of the company values and will be a unique landmark. With introducing a «green oasis» and a layer of separation (the transparent facade), the headquarters spaces will remain green and vibrant, no matter what industrial- or office- building might pop up next to it in the future.”

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The fourth Gold Mention went to the team Studio NA from Mexico “seeking to create an environment that encourages the contemplation of nature, mixed with the ever-forward motion of the Roman aqueduct. By providing healthy interior spaces, awash with interior daylight, greenery, and natural ventilation, the traditional office is transformed into a productive landscape. The undulating perforated facade creates a unique and confident aesthetic that is wrapped around old and new structures. New stepped gardens allow the building to be “submerged” in the natural environment that evokes the surrounding hills.”

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Women Award

The jury panel also rewarded team ZeMbioDT with a special Women Award; this group made of Mila Zlatanova, Teodora Rofetova, Donika Rofetova from Bulgaria conceived the project “in the peak of historical human values reassessment. Playing the crucial role of a mirror to eat age architecture is due to transform the notion of a workplace once more. FITT’s program for a Multi-functional campus evolves into a complex organism with several pulsing courses interconnected by the structure of passages. The initial pattern along which the layout evolves is inspired by the logo, thus the grid unfolds and encompasses images of all the volumetric curves. The pavilion type of area organization results into shaping a secondary system of spaces that are not necessarily prescribed with a certain function but more or less left to the imagination and needs of the employees and visitors.”

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