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Last Submission Date: Jan 27th 2021

Last Registration Date: Jan 24th 2021

Language: English

Country: Italy

Prizes: Total € 20,000

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition / Awards

YAC – Young Architects Competitions – and FITT​  launch FITT FUTURE HEADQUARTERS, a competition of ideas aiming to design the new and innovative headquarters of FITT.


Temples, buildings and mausoleums: architecture has always been a communication tool. In order to celebrate human and divine events, throughout history architects have always been spokespeople of the civilization they were required to represent by materializing its splendor and petrifying its ambitions.

In more recent times, large corporations started to claim some prerogatives of architecture that used to be an ancient apanage of sovereigns and divinities. The Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, the Apple Campus are some of the most iconic architectures of the last century. Such unique architectures are named after great economic and industrial events or distinguished people of production and economy.

One of these colossuses is FITT Group. It is a leading company in the manufacture and development of the most innovative fluid transfer solutions for domestic, professional and industrial applications. It is an international excellence with an Italian heart based on a solid tradition of continuous research, technological innovation and social commitment.

After 50 years, FITT keeps on looking ahead by giving to architecture the opportunity to express its values, mission and goals.

For this reason, FITT Future Headquarters is being launched. This is FITT’s competition to design its new headquarters. Through this competition, architects will have the opportunity to suggest their own vision of future workspace. In this place, leadership, progress and corporate identity shall be translated into architectural shapes to become an international reference in workplace architecture.

FITT will host a center to become the symbol of modernity and progress. The corporation’s community will meet to develop intuitions and research in a new complex designed to amaze and inspire. Such center will compete with the most innovative headquarters of the international scenario to forge a future of wealth, sustainability and innovation.


Audun Opdal (3XN)

Emmanuelle Moureaux

Nicola Scaranaro (Foster + Partners)

Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects)

Hasan Çalışlar (Erginoğlu & Çalışlar Architects)

Alessandro Adamo (Lombardini22)

Carlo Ratti

Alessandro Mezzalira (FITT​)


1st  PRIZE 10.000 €

2nd   PRIZE 4.000 €

3rd  PRIZE  2.000 €

4 GOLD MENTIONS  1.000 €  each



More information at:

Requirements / Eligibility

Anyone can take part in this call for ideas, for details eligibility requirements, please check the Rules PDF.

Submission / Key Dates

30/11/2020 standard registrations-   start

27/12/2020 (h 23.59 GMT) standard registrations- end

28/12/2020 late registrations- – start

24/01/2021 (h 23.59 GMT) late registrations- end

27/01/2021 (h 12.00- midday- GMT) Materials submission deadline

About the Organizer

According to YAC, Architecture is the discipline that composes and structures the spaces where Man acts. It responds to numerous and different needs, through always-different expressions based on the intellect and creativity of each designer. We truly believe that the architectural problem cannot be solved just with a mere formal research, with functionalism, with the economy or technology of the artefact: in fact, the solution is made up of the aforementioned suggestions, composed and structured according to each designer’s personality and sensitivity. YAC hopes to foster highly-contemporary projects: these shall present clear traits of temporality and personalization of the use of the architectural space.

“Idea” is the key word, “architecture” is the answer and “project” is the tool to transform creative intuition into an object prefiguration.

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