Future of Design | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 14th, 2021

Future of Design | Winner Announcement


This edition “Future of Design” looks at the evolution of the architecture profession and its services standing at the brink of being automated by technology. While it’s true the architects are growing in number globally across all the countries; the catching pace of technology is mind-numbing if not less.

Winner_ What’s Next?
Understanding the past to prepare for the future; a look into what Architecture can offer

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When Peter Eisenmen first used the computer to generate drawings for Bio-center, a competition entry in 1987, many at the time imagined the repercussions of this change, but never truly fathomed how the industry would eventually revolutionize.[…]


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[…]Many believe the automation of architecture is unlikely. While machines can quantify and compute, we are given the gift of ideas, thoughts are innovation. Presently, technology does not possess that power. The Telegraph reported architecture at 1.8%, to be one of the lowest professions out of 700 others for automation probabilities. While presently the art of an architect remains solemn, change is the only constant as It challenges us to always move ahead. As all of humanity navigates this information revolution, we as architects will come up with creative solutions.

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