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Architecture Firm Name: Girish Dariyav Karnawat, Architect

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Firm Location: Mangalore, Karnataka

Founding Year: 2001

Ar . Girish Dariyav Karnawat

Ar.Girish Dariyav Karnawat, graduated from School of Architecture, CEPT in 1992. After gaining work experience for almost a decade nationally and internationally, he established his design firm – GDKdesigns in 2001-2002. He has about 28 years of professional and academic experience. He has designed and executed most of his projects across several states.

Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The practice of Ar. Girish Dariyav Karnawat determines his journey in seeking the unfamiliar and pushing thresholds to achieve what is appropriate and to respond to the uniqueness of a situation: site, requirements, client/ occupants and so on. With the incessant questioning at the conceptual stage, through design development and into the meticulous working drawings, the envelope of anticipation is pushed to the farthest possible extents. Following his old-school faith in intimate mediums of enquiry and expression, the questioning is primarily through sketches, drawings, rendering, study models and so forth.

His reference to ‘pilgrimage’ sums up his approach to design and, perhaps, to life itself: a pilgrimage is a journey one embarks upon without the comforts and conveniences of our day-today lives, and without the fallacy of our power to buy them. The suffering is to remind us of the bare essentials of our lives, and the homecoming is a realization of humility, of immense gratitude and of a purpose to offer back to the world. GDK is a nomad and his works are abodes on a pilgrimage.

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