21.02- Grasshopper as Design Assistant (Intermediate)

Online Workshop | Adnan Makda

Tue, Wed, Thu - 7:00 P.M To 9:00 P.M IST
Sat, Sun- 7:00 P.M To 10:00 P.M IST

Offered in Summer and Winter 2021

For Indian Nationals : Rs 6,000/- For Others: $110/-

Special Discounts available for Registering for more than one workshop

Batch Size : 25

This is for intermediate Rhino and grasshopper users, who want to dive into the world of genetic algorithms. We will start the workshop by introducing plugins like ladybug for climate analysis, mouse for finding human paths, wasps for clustering, lunchbox for paneling, and weaverbird for mesh editing. Following this Space Syntax and Magnetic floor plan will be used for automated floor plan generation. We will then introduce various algorithms in computational design and understand the theory of genetic algorithms, following which we will do two exercises using them in real-life scenarios.

Brief outline of the Workshop

Day 1  
Introduction, Software setup, plugin installations

Day 2 
A quick introduction to Rhino and Grasshopper.

Day 3 
Introduction to climate analysis. We will use plugins like ladybug and honeybee to analyze various aspects like incident solar radiation, heat gain, sky factor, wind directions and views. 

Day 4 
Scripting with Mouse and Wasp plugin for generating human paths and clusters. Mouse is a plugin that helps analyze human movement/circulation and Wasp helps us with clustering of units.

Day 5
Paneling of surfaces using a lunchbox. Creating parametric façades and details using paneling tools. These will include façades that respond to climate as well as kinetic façades.

Day 6
Working with meshes using weaverbird. We will learn subdivision tools and mesh edit tools.

Day 7
Introduction to space syntax, it uses, and an explanation of the algorithm. Use of magnetic plan for generating automated floor plans, based on the area given and their inter-relationship map. 

Day 8 
Introduction to genetic algorithms. Explanation of various kinds of optimizing algorithms, like brute force, hill climbing, breath first, etc. Importance of genetic algorithms in design. Various terminologies involved like mutation, population, generation and  cross-over. Explanation of generating algorithms and evaluating algorithms(fitness criteria).

Day 9
Single criteria problems and optimization using Galapagos.

Day 10
Case study of various projects which have used genetic algorithms for single criteria optimization and multi-criteria optimization. 

Day 11
Setting up the environment, parameters, and evaluation criteria for multi-criteria optimization in Grasshopper.

Day 12
Running optimizing algorithms to find out various overall best iteration and best iteration for various criteria.

Day 13
Solving advanced multiple criteria optimization problems. Tuning of criteria, in order of importance. Using an optimization algorithm to attain specific value by reducing mean square error.

Day 14
Case study of various projects which have used genetic algorithms for single criteria optimization and multi-criteria optimization. 

Day 15 – 17

In these three days we will take up an advanced optimization problem, where we will be building up various grasshopper clusters for getting the best solution very quickly.


Adnan Makda

Adnan has completed his bachelors in Architecture from CEPT University , Ahmedabad. He has a special interest in combining technology with architecture. He is currently running a startup known as ARKEYTEC that focuses on applying artificial intelligence to architecture. For his research, he is currently associated with Google AI. Adnan has done his internship from the Renzo Piano Building Workshop. He has won awards like Ultratech: Building for Billion and Kohler student awards.

Session timings (IST - GMT+5:30)

Tue, Wed, Thu - 7:00 P.M To 9:00 P.M IST
Sat, Sun- 7:00 P.M To 10:00 P.M IST


Students, professionals and design enthusiasts

Pre Requisites

This is an intermediate workshop for people who have used Rhino and Grasshopper before or have taken module 1.

Key Dates

Summer 2021: 12 June – 4 July 2021
Last Date to Register is 11 June 2021


Winter 2021: 09 November  – 01 December 2021
Last Date to Register is 08 November, 2021

Registration Fees

For Indian Nationals : Rs 6000/-
For Others: $110/-

Discount Offer 1 (Beginners + Intermediate)

For Indian Nationals : Rs 10,500/-
For Others: $200/-

Discount Offer 2 (Intermediate + Advanced)

For Indian Nationals : Rs 11,500/-
For Others: $220/-

Discount Offer 3 (Beginners + Intermediate + Advanced

For Indian Nationals : Rs 16,500/-
For Others: $320/-

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For any queries, questions or suggestions, please contact us at workshops@archidiaries.com or +91 9879001860 (whatsapp only)

Note: The workshop has limited seats, based on first come first serve basis.


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