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SAVE Green Concept Award 2022

Last Submission Date: November 11, 2021

Last Registration Date: November 10, 2021

Language: English

Country: International

Prizes: Awards

Type: Awards

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About Competition

Submit concepts for a sustainable future to the Green Concept Award 2022!

The Green Concept Award is aimed at students, start-ups, and established companies, honoring concepts of sustainable materials, products, and services that are not yet on the market. The submission deadline is November 11th, 2021.

Students and graduates receive special support. The young designers receive a toolkit for developing their concept into a sustainable product or service. Free workshops and Q&A sessions, as well as interim feedback, are further offers. Selected participants receive help with presentation & communication for later matchmaking. Exhibitions at (inter-)national fairs and design festivals – such as Dutch Design Week – are in preparation. Thanks to the support of the IKEA Stiftung, participation is free of charge.

Competition_Green Concept Award 2022_bark_project
Green Concept Award 2022_Bark Project_ Image Credit: Johanna Hehemeyer-Cürten & Charlett Wenig

Categories: Architecture & Tiny Houses, Building Components, New Materials, Consumer Goods, Fashion, Handicraft, Interior & Lifestyle, Kids, Kitchen, Mobility, Sport, and Workspace. An award is given to concepts that can make a special contribution to a more sustainable future. The Green Product Award is dedicated to existing sustainable products and services.

Competition_Green Concept Award_2022_loop
Green Concept Award_2022_loop_ Image Credit: Fabienne Kille

The winners of the Green Concept Awards are determined in a three-stage award process:

  • inclusion in the ‘Pre-Selection’ (ongoing).
  • announcement of the Nominees for the Green Concept Award 2022.
  • determination of the winners by the jury. Additional winner of the audience award through a public vote (60,000 votes in 2021).
Competition_Green Concept Award_2022_Pizzcycle
Green Concept Award_2022_Pizzcycle_ Image Credit: Marlene Bruch

The festive award ceremony and the exhibition with the winning entries will take place in March 2022 on the occasion of the IHM International Crafts Fair and parallel to the Munich Creative Business Week in Munich. Further exhibitions are being planned.

Competition_Green Concept Award_2022_Sneature
Green Concept Award_2022_Sneature_ Image Credit: Emilie Burfeind


  1. Receive one of the Green Concept Award Seals (Pre-Selection, Nominee, or Winner) with unrestricted advertising rights.
  2. Get digital exposure to about 7 million contacts through our website, social media channels, and partner sites.
  3. Integration in the Green Concept Award website main gallery (1 year) & database (permanent).
  4. Eligibility to participate in the online public voting for the Green Concept Audience Award.
  5. Concept feature in the annual Green Trend Book.
  6. Evaluation and point-based feedback by the international jury on design, innovation, and sustainability.
  7. Integration in the expert pool for talks, workshops, spin-off projects, and exhibition opportunities in Europe.

Requirements / Eligibility

Students, start-ups, and established companies can submit to the Green Concept Awards their concepts of either a product or a service, which has not yet been on the market.

  • Students: currently enrolled students and graduate works from 2020
  • Start-ups: designers, creators, teams, small businesses, whose founding date is no longer than two years ago or whose activity is not enough to be the only income.
  • Established companies: established companies, designers, design studios, manufacturers, research institutes, institutes, and associations.

Submission / Key Dates

Submission Requirements

Submission takes place online in English and native language after registration on our website. The submission portal will be available after the user profile has been filled out.

The requirements:

  1. Name of submission
  2. Teaser, max 10 words
  3. Short description, max 600 characters (displayed publicly)
  4. Long description max, 7500 characters (internal only for the jury)
  5. Main picture and maximum of 10 more additional ones
  6. Optional presentation PDF upload
  7. Credits
  8. Social media tags

To help prepare your submissions, access the submissions assistance here:

Register here:

Evaluation criteria

The submissions will be evaluated and determined based on general and subject-specific criteria.

Overall rating:

  1. Approach: The originality, reproducibility and credibility are assessed.
  2. Elaboration: Evaluated are the complexity of the analysis, the quality of the preparation and the way of implementation.
  3. Impact: Consider the potential for environmental or social change.

Subject-specific reviews:

  1. Design: This is about the design as an overall approach with the following criteria: aesthetics, user-friendly functionality, economic and ecological constructions, possibly the interaction of product and packaging.
  2. Innovation: To assess the innovation, it is examined whether a problem/need (better) is solved, the scale of what is new, and how relevant it is.

Sustainability: Assessment takes place along all phases of the life cycle (concept/pre-production, production, distribution, use, reuse).

Award Timeline

  • Award Submission Deadline: November 11, 2021
  • Nominees Announcement: December 13, 2021
  • Jury evaluation & Audience Awards public voting: December 13, 2021, to January 31, 2022
  • Award Ceremony & Exhibition start: March 9, 2021

About the Organizer

Green Future Club

Under the claim ‘Let’s design the future’, the Green Future Club aims to contribute to a future where all products are sustainable. The association sees its mission as bringing together a diverse group of pioneers, thinkers, doers, and visionaries to promote the sustainable development of materials, products, and services. With the Green Product Award and Green Concept Award, the club has been making ‘best practice’ examples accessible to a broad public on an international level since 2013 – for more visibility of products, services, and concepts that are to inspire consumers and industry globally. The Green Future Club is a global network that is constantly expanding – through new members and multiplicators, growing online and face-to-face events, and multi-faceted action.

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