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Architecture Firm Name: Hajm.e.sabz

Website: www.hajmsabz.ir

Firm Location: Isfahan, Iran

Founding Year: 2008

Design Team: Saeideh Hashemzadeh, Masoud Ghasemi, Farnaz Etebri, Shiva Rahmani, Newsha Khalifeh Mahmoudi, Golsa Khademi

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Ali Bassiri








Ehsan Mohammadi








Mohsen Jafari








Practice Ideology

Established in 2008, Hajm.e.sabz is an architectural, engineering and construction firm. Over these years Hajm.e.sabz has been seeking sustainable and energy efficient solutions for their projects and designs. The firm’s portfolio involve a wide range of projects from design and construction and renovation of residential buildings, as the primary specialty of the group, to educational, health care, recreational and office buildings. Locating the core office in Isfahan with about 20 employees with different specialties and experiences in architecture and landscape design, civil engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, project and construction management.

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